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From time to time an angel enters your life. Nearly two years ago, as I was interviewing several potential Drivers, I was speaking to one and didn't know it. Belinda Hill is one of three senior-most drivers and receives the most compliments and requests. Don't let her small frame fool you, she has a huge heart and freely shares her genuine care and compassion to each and every patient, family and facility she engages. I call her "B" and she is one of my go-to Drivers. Thanks B for making PrimeCare a better place with your gentle Spirit.

NAME: Belinda Hill

ORIGINALLY FROM: Senatobia, Mississippi

FAVORITE PART OF PRIMECARE: "It is an honor to serve the community in such a way that is truly needed. The transportation industry can be cold and insensitive, but PrimeCare is different. We really do care and I appreciate the chance to serve my community in such a compassionate way."

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