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Stretcher Transportation

(aka Invalid Stretcher, Stretcher Van, Bed-bound, Cot, Bedridden, and Gurney)

  • For Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT)

  • Service specifically designed for the physically challenged, bed-bound or just added comfort

  • Bedside-to-Doctor service, from patient’s bedside to doctor’s office/room

  • Two Transport Technicians, more than just drivers, specially trained professionals, certified in CPR, First Aid, and Defensive Driving

  • Additional rider (1) is free with patient transport

Our non-emergency stretcher service can save families and facilities hundreds of dollars compared to the cost of an ambulance ride. As insurance rarely pays, this is a SIGNIFICANT savings for those who need such services. State EMS names this "Invalid Stretcher" transport, but there are many other terms meaning the same thing - Stretcher, Stretcher Van, Bed-bound, Cot, Bedridden, and Gurney. 

Services Include:

  • Local and Long Distance Transports

  • House-to-Appointment

  • Facility-to-Facility Transfers

  • Discharges and Admits

  • Bariatric Stretcher (call for details and quote)

PrimeCare Stretcher services offer same quality carebut more affordable
PrimeCare uses same Stretchers used by State EMS

Licensed and Permitted.
Per 1200-12-01-.09, Tennessee EMS allows licenced and permitted providers to offer “invalid” stretcher service. “Invalid” shall mean a person whose physical impairments render it impractical to use regular common carrier and who does not require provision of medical attention prior to or during transport. PrimeCare has licenced and permitted vehicles and properly trained employees to safely transport Stretcher patients.

Details of Service.
PrimeCare Stretcher Transportation includes transfer to and from bed at Pick-Up and Drop-Off (bed-to-bed). We utilize specially modified vans, Power-Assist Stryker ambulance cots to transport patients safely and comfortably. The patient will remain on the stretcher throughout the entire trip, either lying flat or reclined for patient comfort. Our stretcher transportation requires at least two operators, although in some special circumstances, we may require extra manpower.


Types of Patients/Riders.

  • Patients who are bedbound or bedridden

  • Patients who are fragile, aged or injured

  • Patients with limited flexibility or limited mobility

  • Patients with paralysis - single area, same side or waist down

  • Patients who can not stay upright in a wheelchair

  • Patients who can not ride in a wheelchair for an extended period

  • Patients who can not fit into a wheelchair

  • Patients with bedsores or wound care concerns

  • Patients with mental or emotional conditions or issues (where security is the concern)

  • Patients with health conditions that prevent flying commercially

  • Patients with portable oxygen


Locations / Destinations.

  • Hospital Discharges to Facilities (Nursing, Assisted, Rehab, Retirement Homes, etc)

  • Hospital Discharges to Private Residence

  • Hospital to Hospital

  • Surgery Transport

  • Hospital Outpatient Visits

  • Physical Therapy Appointments

  • Doctor Appointments

  • Drop-Off & Wait Service

  • Chemotherapy / Dialysis

  • Long Distance Stretcher Transports (Discharge or Intake)

  • Standby for Special Events (weddings, funerals, family functions, religious services, etc)



  • PrimeCare has been providing this transportation to Facilities and Private-Payers for over 5 years. 

  • Compared to an Ambulance, our service typically yields a 40-50% or more cost savings.

  • We are available 24/7 with a local PrimeCare human answering all calls.

  • We maintain a fleet of ADA Compliant Toyota Siennas specially modified to safely fit and transport full sized stretchers.

  • We have Power-Assist Stryker stretchers to safely lift patients, which can adjust to various reclining levels to provide the patient with the most comfortable ride  available.

  • We exceeded state requirements for insurance minimums by adding professional liability coverage on our employees while in your home or health care facility.

  • We have front and rear air conditioning and heating units for patient comfort.

  • We provide for family members and caregivers to ride with the patient at no additional charge.

  • We utilize GPS and mobile phone equipment so that drivers have continuous communication with our dispatch center.

  • Bariatric - We are equipped to handle transportation for Bariatric Clients who weigh up to 600 lb. We use special equipment and extra operators to provide Bariatric transportation services to clients. 


Driver Requirements.

  • Drivers are certified and current in CPR/First aid and AED use

  • Drivers have a Safe Driving Record and trained in Defensive Driving

  • Our company conducts random drug tests and has a zero tolerance policy

  • Drivers are trained to properly assist in transferring patients from bed to stretcher and are fully trained in stretcher operation

  • Drivers maintain a professional appearance with photo ID

  • Drivers know how to correctly transfer patients without compromising medical conditions.

  • Drivers know how to address infection control issues and maintain cleanliness according to healthcare standards.

  • Drivers know how to communicate with the patient, physician and nursing staff.

  • Drivers understand the significance of patient confidentiality and know how to maintain it.




Patients/Riders in excess of 250 lbs move into our "Bariatric" service level. This typically requires an extra person for every 100 lbs starting at 300. We can transport people up to 650 pounds via Bariatric on our Bariatric Stretcher, these transports will be quoted once all details are gathered.

Transports that are for recreation or convenience, we call "leisure" transports, these include:  Church, Graduation, Reunion, Movie / Play, Venues / Events, Funeral, Wedding, Baby Shower, Hair Appointment, Legal Consultations, Depositions, Financial Institutions, Airport, Luncheons, and such.

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