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Wheelchair Transportation  

(yours, ours, high-backs, geri-chairs, electric, hover-rounds, bariatric)

  • For Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT)

  • Service specifically designed for the physically challenged, or needing assistance

  • Bedside-to-Doctor service, from patient’s bedside to doctor’s office/room

  • Transport Technician, more than just drivers, specially trained professionals, certified in CPR, First Aid, and Defensive Driving

  • Additional rider (1) is free with patient transport

Services Include:

  • Local and Long Distance Transports

  • House-to-Appointment

  • Facility-to-Facility Transfers

  • Discharges and Admits

  • Bariatric (call for details and quote)

PrimeCare assists riders and patients
PrimeCare provides all types o Wheelchair Transports


Whether in a rehab or nursing facility or from their own home, the majority of those who depend on PrimeCare do so in a wheelchair. We provide transport for all types of appointments - doctor, rehab, chemo, x-ray, physical therapy, hair, even trips to airports and funeral.

PrimeCare helps with each transport


Obviously we assist with all our wheelchair transports, but if needed, we go a step further and help riders transfer. Many times when riders come from homes or venues, they need help getting into and out of their wheelchairs. Our Drivers are trained in proper techniques to assist in such cases.



Patients/Riders in excess of 250 lbs move into our "Bariatric" service level. This typically requires an extra person for every 100 lbs starting at 300. We can transport people up to 450 pounds via Bariatric Wheelchair, these transports will be quoted once all details are gathered.


Transports that are for recreation or convenience, we call "leisure" transports, these include:  Church, Graduation, Reunion, Movie / Play, Venues / Events, Funeral, Wedding, Baby Shower, Hair Appointment, Legal Consultations, Depositions, Financial Institutions, Airport, Luncheons, and such.


Shuttle service can be pre-arranged prior to landing at Nashville International Airport (BNA) for any type of assisted transportation. As we are 24/7, you can reach us any time, but we suggest you call a few days before your flight and give us flight details so we can adjust your pick-up as the plane is on-time or late. We assist with Rider, bags, etc and will get you safely to your destination, inside and unloaded. 

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